Rainmaker NetworksOrdering


If you need product ordered, such as new systems, software, parts, etc, we are in many cases able to offer you an option in which we use your company credit card to make the purchase. In these cases, we will bill you a $30 handling fee for placing and managing the order, but you get the benefit of being able to defray that actual payment according to your credit card provider's terms, plus you can avoid any markup that would occur as compared to the more traditional process of passing the order through us.

In most cases, even with the $20 fee, you will be able to get a lower overall cost AND a 30-day or more delay in payment for the product. This way we can use our volume purchasing power, combined with your credit card's delayed payment, to get you the best combination of price and delayed payment. And you still don't have to deal with the ordering headaches.

Alternatively, we are still happy to order and then invoice product in the traditional way. In this case, we will add a 10% markup to cover the overhead expenses of cashflow, business taxes, etc. There is no order handling fee in this case.

Some items will not be practical to order on your card, such as parts purchased in town for immediate use, or for items that we might purchase from a supplier that will not allow the first process.