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The two ways to lower your hourly rate:
A) REFERRALS: A $10 credit per hour, applied to future invoices, for all full-rate hours worked for the first year at new customers that you refer to us.
B) PREPAY: A $20 credit per hour for prepaid full-rate hours.
These two reductions cannot be used simultaneously.

A few general rules apply:
1. These policies are subject to immediate change if we determine that there is some form of abuse or loop-hole that someone tries to take advantage of. The goal here is to help our customers, not put Ed in the poor house nor get him on Prosac.
2. Due to unmanageable complexity, there is no room for exceptions nor personalizations of these policies.
3. All dates are based on the based on the actual PAID date for when the invoice is fully paid.
4. FULL_RATE HOURS: Cost reduction opportunities apply ONLY to hours that have been billed at 100% charge at $120. Granularity is quarter hours.
5.Credits are applied 1-for-1 as new hours are invoiced. Example: If a referral pays an invoice that is $480 for 4 hours at 100% and $120 in such a way as to earn you the REFERRAL credit of 4 x $10, then you have an invoice a few days later for 2 x $120, that newer invoice will receive 2 of the $10 credits for a total of $20. The remaining $20 of credit will wait until the next invoice.
6. Credits are ONLY available if your account is in good standing. If you have outstanding late balances, you can neither earn nor use credits.