Rainmaker NetworksRentals

Rainmaker Networks Rentals
RENTALS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY to businesses with whom we have an established relationship. For all rented items: You are responsible for REPLACEMENT COST or REPAIR due to any loss or damage, like if your 16-year-old sells it on eBay, or if you decide to run over it with a forklift, or if your 3-year-old spills a lemonade on it, etc.

LAPTOP Rental: Laptops are available for rent. Cost can be daily, weekly, or monthly:
$25 for the first day, $10 per day after that. or
$50 for the first week, $30 per week after that. or
$100 for the first month, $50 per month after that.
Current Windows and Office software are installed and additional software can be installed within reaosn.

We also engage long-term server rentals and/or server cloud hosting in the right circumstances. Call to discuss.