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Car Repair and Related Services

The car repair business is no longer only concerned with grease and wrenches. High-tech gear is just as much a daily tool as anything from Snap-On.

Computerized diagnostics equipment is mandatory for the modern repair shop. Let us help you keep those precious tools running in top performance.


Industry databases such as AllData are essential to getting the right information at the right time. It is a necessary element to a successful shop, but it can also be very expensive. Let us show you how to leverage yoru investment for the best return.

A laptop with wireless internet access to all of your data sources is a must.

A Point-Of-Sale system is in itself not terribly difficult to manage, but at a car repair shop it must also track the history of each vehicle serviced. AcDelco's WISE and other tools can do this well. We can set that up for you and connect your multiple shops together into one common database.