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Industry Specifics

Rainmaker has experience supporting hundreds of businesses covering the industries listed below and more. Click those with a link to read more about how we have supported companies that are in an industry that is similar to yours.

Your needs, of course, are unique to you. While we find some similarities among all of our clients that are Accounting firms, for example, there are always some needs that vary. Those are the characteristics that make your business unique as compared to your competitors. All of your technology needs to be supported, but the parts of your business that make you stand out to your customers should be receiving special attention from your technology provider. Let us help you identify those characteristics and work with you to boost your value to your customers.

B2B Services
Manufacturing and Distribution

Accounting/CPA firms

Distributors and manufacturer's reps

Attorney / Law firms

Manufacturers - light and heavy

Banking and mortgage services

Transportation and trucking

Business development and consulting

Warehousing operations

Call centers

Commercial real estate brokers/managers

Credit underwriting services


Human resources and staffing services

Counseling services

Printing, Publishing, Advertising

Dental and orthodontic practices

Sanitation and cleaning services

Doctor's offices

Hospital, Nursing Home, Hospice

Opticians and optometrists

Charities and social organizations


Churches and related organizations


City and county governments

Colleges and vo-tech institutions

High schools

Car dealers

Sheriff and police departments


Home and Personal Services

Gas stations and convenience stores

Car repair and related services

Gyms and fitness related services

Carpet cleaning services

Hotels and tourism services



Financial advisers

Retail stores

Home repair services

HVAC services
Technical Services

Insulation services

Architecture firms

Insurance brokers

Biotechnology research firms

Landscaping and yard services

Broadcasting companies


Construction contractors


Information technology subcontracting

Residential real estate brokers

Professional audio services

Roofing services

Software developers

Web/graphic design companies