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Chiropractors see a lot of patients - generally far more per hour than a family doctor or a dentist. We have found a few unique items of interest at chiropractor offices.

Computerized diagnostics equipment such as ProAdjuster is key to successful diagnosis for a chiropractor, as are digital xrays.
These machines create a large amount of data that must be managed and stored. Let us show you how to keep those reports and DICOM files under control.


A high volume of patients means a high demand on schedulers. Does your scheduling tool keep you running smoothly?

Often, a patient at a chiropractor's office has someone come with them as a driver. Would your patients' drivers feel more welcomed if they had access to the internet with a wifi? It can be done in a way that is completely separated from your office network, but still sharing the internet connection that you already have. And it doesn't have to be wide-open for all of your neighbors to piggy-back unfairly.