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Colleges, Vocational / Technology Schools

A small college or vo-tech school has some of the same challenges as a high school, but fortunately without some of the mischief that a high-school student might bring.
Here are some of the needs we have seen.


Installing a single wireless router for a home or a small office is one thing. Installing a 32-node integrated wireless system has a completely new set of installation and management headaches. Let us show you how to get this deployed without having to spend $1000 per node, without having to drop wires to every AP, and without having to spend 10 hours a week managing it.

A student computer lab needs constant attention because users generally don't take very good care of the equipment when it is late at night and they are just trying to get a heavy homework load finished before they have to go to work. A good Group Policy setup and cookie-cutter equipment standards are keys to minimizing these headaches.

Student and teacher email accounts make for a heavy management burden. Let us show you ways to automate some of your Exchange Server management tasks.