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Human Resources / Staffing Services

Human Resources and Staffing Services are hectic operations. A constant influx of applicants combined with generally last-minute requests from customers is the normal situation. Technology can address many of the difficulties.

A large database of applicants is the center of the operation. It is the life-blood. There are mountains of papers to manage along with the contact info, job history, work requirements, and skillsets. It can easily become a data-hungry monster that continually drags down productivity because it wants to be fed and seems to be insatiable. We can work with you to identify ways to improve your processes to make the best use of these tools to turn them into a helper instead of a hindrance.

Remote access to the database quickly and easily from anywhere is essential to be able to respond effectively to customers' last minute demands. In the staffing business, you will never get your customers to stop doing that to you. Better to embrace it and make your tools and processes a best-fit scenario. Remote access is an integral part of that. Let us show you how to do that using the equipment that you already own.

A staffing firm constantly handles data that would be a treasure trove for ID thieves. Are you properly protected in regard to your technology as well as your employee processes?

Everyone gets emotional about their employment situation because it affects everything in their lives. Tempers can run high with applicants, and that can transfer into a stressful situation that employees don't always handle correctly. Adequate camera coverage with audio is a key part of protecting your liability in such situations. Let us demonstrate for you how that can be accomplished for relatively low cost.

Staffing firms occasionally manage large workforce deployments for their customers, either seasonally or year-round. Time-clock operations become critical for billing purposes. Let us show you which time clocks are best for your needs, and how you and your customer can both confidently access and use the data. These systems can be used to prevent worker attendance fraud as well.