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High Schools

A network administrator at a high school has one of the most thankless jobs around.
At the heart of the difficulty is the fact that all elements are combined for the perfect storm against an network administrator at a high school. Trustees don't want to spend any money, but they want to have every piece of technology that exists used in the school, whether it has any educational value or not. Administrators and principals don't have time to understand the technology, grossly underestimate the amount of time it takes to keep things running smoothly, and assume that anything that uses electricity must be in the purview of the network administrator. Teachers generally want no technology in the classroom, preferring to teach in the tried and true traditional ways. Students usually know more than everybody in the building except the network admin, and use that fact to get away with unspeakable things and more goal-oriented things like hacking the grading system. Parents take the position that they are paying an extra "technology fee", so they want to see technology used in every possible aspect of their child's education, even during the lunch period.

Here are some of the unique challenges that we have engaged at client high schools.


Installing a single wireless router for a home or a small office is one thing. Installing a 32-node integrated wireless system has a completely new set of installation and management headaches. Let us show you how to get this deployed without having to spend $1000 per node, without having to drop wires to every AP, and without having to spend 10 hours a week managing it.

There are few things as singularly frustrating as coming into a student computer lab and finding all 25 computers set to new backgrounds, sounds, browser home pages, and application installations. Let us show you how to use Group Policy to kill that young student's ability to do that.

Laptop and iPad deployments to the entire student body are an unfortunate fact of life these days, despite the extremely dubious value. Let us help you manage repairs and deployments with equipment tags, active monitoring, and Group Policy tie-ups.

he hardest aspect to having computers in the classrooms is the combination of two facts: 1) most teacher technical ability is limited, and 2) it is easy pickings for a tech-savvy student to play a prank. We can help you avoid bearing the brunt of the ensuing teacher frustration with some controls and some training.

Every school in today's climate must have DVR-based cameras to record the coming and going of all visitors. If your school is behind on this, let us get you up and going.

Student and teacher email accounts make for a heavy management burden. Let us show you ways to automate some of your Exchange Server management tasks.

School network admins often are doing everything they can to stay ahead of the fires. When disaster strikes or large projects like server replacements loom, it can seem overwhelming. We have found in our relationships with schools that one of the most oft-needed support items is the heavy-hitter role. Let us take the big nasty issues while you keep the daily items running smoothly.